Here’s how to experience the best of downtown Sister Bay in a full day. In this Sister Bay Itinerary, there is plenty to do and the best part is you get to park your car in one spot for most of the day. No extra driving required! I’ve included plenty to keep everyone happy — an enjoyable day that my son and I have played out several times over the years. If you can’t squeeze this all into one excursion and you have more time to spend in Door County, you can stretch this into two days easily. Or, you can check out my Sister Bay in 2-Day Itinerary with kids here!

Please let me know if you find something fun that we should include!

Pack for the day

Be sure to grab warmer clothes, jackets, and even blankets for the evening as it’s possible you won’t be back to your home base until bedtime. You may want a change of clothes for kiddos as this itinerary includes yummy foods and desserts, and possibly a little beach fun. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water bottles and even wet wipes too!


Take the family to Carroll’s. Give the kids a fun cherry waffle breakfast (or try the Cherry Stuffed French Toast or Uncle Roo’s Hashbrowns with Eggs) which will fill them up with lots of happiness and sugar. Don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of time to let them wear that off on your next couple stops!

Caroll House Restaurant

Caroll’s in Sister Bay is a great place to find Cherry Waffles!


Down the street from Caroll’s, you’ll find Piggly Wiggly and Top Shelf Gourmet (in the parking lot across from the Pig) which are great places for snacks. Bread and cheese is a favorite of ours. If you’re a mom, you know the drill. Carrots, watermelon, etc. Hoping you remembered to bring a cooler on vacay with you! Skip this if you want to buy snacks later in the day (recommendations below.)

Sister Bay Playground

Now is the chance to let the kids get their wiggles out. Sister Bay playground is one of the best in Door County because of its prime location. It’s close to shops and restaurants, has clean restrooms close by and has lots of comfy park benches. The playground has structures for kids of all ages.

If you have kids who do not want to use the playground, grab a ball and hit the beach or the grassy area to play frisbee or catch. This is one of the best playgrounds in all of Door County and has a great view of the bay. Be sure to bring a change of clothes just in case your adventurous ones want to head toward the beach for extra fun!


Park here and plan to walk for majority of the day.

Lunch: Door County Creamery

Door County Creamery is a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the playground. There’s no better deal and no healthier farm-to-table options than here. You can find small hand-made pizzas for under $10 (kids could split them depending on their appetite and stomach size!).

Adults will enjoy all the wonderful options with most being under $10!

Sweet Treat

Either order goat milk gelato at Door County Creamery, or give kids a dollar to spend at the penny candy store just down the hill. They have buckets of penny candy that are 15¢ a piece. A perfect way to teach budgeting for little ones.

Oliver at Door County Creamery

Door County Boy enjoying gelato at Door County Creamery

Sister Bay Marina

Let the kids set sail by checking out all the wonderful boats in the marina. If you happened to bring a stroller or their scooters along, this is a great place to let kids enjoy the weather and the beautiful view. You could even Sail Door County on an 18th-century inspired vessel (or choose a luxurious sailing ship for a classic experience) or enjoy a Scenic Boat Tour. I’d recommend calling ahead to reserve a spot for the family. The cruises are an hour to two hours of wind and sun—and the occasional spray—and are an incredible way to experience Door County.

Afternoon Snack: Stabbur Beer Garden

Mom and Dad can enjoy an adult beverage in this family-friendly outdoor beer garden while kids get to play bean bag toss, oversized Connect 4 or life-sized Jenga. Stabbur Beer Garden serves yummy fries and deep-fried cheese curds which make for a perfect afternoon snack. And if you’re lucky, a friendly waitress will come around with a plate of Swedish fish for the kiddos to gnaw on. This is a fun place to spend an hour or two, enjoying Door County life.

Dinner: Wild Tomato Pizza

Hello Pizza! Wild Tomato Pizza has a mission: To purchase, prepare, and sell food of the highest quality with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome, natural ingredients and promote business practices that respect our natural environment. Nevermind the hullabaloo, this pizza is FANTASTIC! Be sure to get here early as even at 5 pm there could be a waitlist! The great part is the playground is just in the back, so kiddos will not have to sit tight for the long (sometimes 1-hour) wait. Tomato gives you a buzzer and you’re free to roam about the cabin, er I mean area nearby.

Dessert: Door County Ice Cream Factory

As always, I recommend heading to the main store. At this point, you’ll have to hop in your car for the 1-mile drive north. If you’re not in the mood to do that, feel free to head up the hill and grab a cone at the pop-up shop. Just know the pop-up shop accepts cash only and has limited options.

Door County Ice Cream

Death’s Door Chocolate in a waffle cone at Door County Ice Cream Factory.


Don’t forget to pause wherever you are in this day to watch the glorious colors of the sun setting on Sister Bay. It’s stunning and not to be missed!

Sister Bay Sunset