Ready to spend a fun weekend away with the gals? Here are a few things Door County Mom recommends for a great Girls’ Weekend in Door County. (This post assumes you have two nights only.)

Friday – Things to Do

Leave work early or better yet, take the day off!

The Drive Up

Arriving at your Airbnb, B&B or resort isn’t the goal here. When I come up with gals for our Girls’ Weekend in Door County, we make the journey up part of our trip with countless stops along the way. Often we arrive at the cottage after sunset, with full bellies and stomach cramps from laughing so hard. Here’s the path we take whenever we get a chance…

Egg Harbor

Feel free to stop and shop around. In fact, if you need groceries for the weekend, head into Mainstreet Market. New this year too is One Barrel and Wild Tomato Pizza. If you’re not hungry, at least stop for a Wisconsin brew at the tap room or beer garden.

Jorns’ Sugar Bush Maple Syrup

Arrive Door County via 42. Just before heading into Egg Harbor, turn left on Hwy T. Head to Jorns’ Sugar Bush for some old fashioned Maple Syrup, only the best in town. The great thing about this place? You arrive in someone’s yard, find the little outhouse, ring the doorbell. While you’re waiting, head on into the store. Look around. Eventually, Mrs. Jorn will arrive, just in time to check you out. Leave happy. 🙂

Hatch Distilling Company

While I know you have a designated driver, it might be worth it to stop here and try the local Bourbon. This distillery is super cool and their spirits are amazing. Try one of their special concoctions and relax. Your GWA has officially started now.

Fish Creek

As you head out of Egg Harbor, there are ample stops along the way before you arrive in “Downtown” Fish Creek. Along 42, slow down when you see the following…

Edgewood Orchard Galleries

Again, you must trust me on this one. As you leave Egg Harbor heading north, watch for a sign on the right for Edgewood Galleries. It’s just off the highway. Head onto the beautiful grounds. Take a stroll through the sculpture garden and then peruse the gallery. Jewelry at all price levels and art that is almost understandable if you know what I mean. You won’t regret this stop with your gals.

Sweetie Pies

Just north of Edgewood Galleries is Sweetie Pies, one of the absolute BEST pie shops around… and that’s ALL they make—PIES! Are you staying at a place with an oven? Even if you’re not, you best stop at Sweetie Pies and pick up a full pie. I promise it will be gone before the weekend is over. Trust me, if there’s ONE thing you will do this weekend, get the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie. I don’t even like CC cookies and I am C-C-Crazy about this pie! If your place has a microwave oven, heat up your slice, or better yet, get an uncooked pie and bake it back at the resort. I will be accepting thank you letters in the mail for this tip alone. My address can be found at the bottom of this post. 😉

Berry Pie


White Cottage Red Door

Great place to stretch and sample cherry delights. I write more about this in the Saturday section in case you wanted to visit the orchard markets. WCRD was once a cherry orchard. While the orchard is no longer producing fruit, the market is stocked with plenty of home-baked goods and other lovelies for the home. And, I might add, you can sample wine!

Downtown Fish Creek

The Cookery

Here’s a wine bar and restaurant serving homemade (all items from scratch!) American casual fare with fresh local ingredients. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily with a selection of vegetarian entrees and gluten free items. The second level wine bar offers a view of the Fish Creek harbor and apps only. So pretty!


Treat yourselves! Barringer’s is an upscale Wisconsin Supper club and steakhouse experience in a historic dining room with an outdoor bar area. Food  is created with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy specialty craft cocktails or wine selection created by their house Sommelier. Fahn-cee! 😉

Juniper Gin Join

An open air bar and restaurant with wonderful appetizers. Great for a casual drink and dining experience. Try the Goat Cheese Curds. YUM!

Taco Cervesa

Outdoor seating, super casual, $5 tacos and yummy beers. Need I say more?

Bison Bison Bottles & Shop

This really isn’t a place to eat but definitely stop here if you want a great bottle of wine or a mixed drink party package. Some great games for purchase will keep you in stitches the whole night!

Stroll the Marina

If you want to see how the other half lives, take a walk along the marina and look at all the pretty yachts.

Shop Till You Drop

Stroll down the road for an endless supply of shopping with a unique variety of locally-­owned-and­‐operated stores. There is a long row of shops offering everything from Ugg Boots to Art Prints to Pillows and coffee cups. Discover the quaint charm of Fish Creek.


Here you can stop at Beach Place for kitsch fun stuff. Leroy’s Coffee Shop. Or dine at Trixie’s! (Reservations recommended!). Don’t forget to make a pit stop at Anderson Barn, the only place to legally create graffiti in Door County! Great photo ops here! Of course, Wilson’s Ice Cream Shop is iconic.

Blue Dolphin, Clink!, Red Putter and Lavender — Oh My!

As you head North out of Ephraim and towards Sister Bay, you’ll see more fun places to stop. Blue Dolphin is cool shop if you like to add to your home decor. Feel like getting artsy? Stop at Clink! This place and the owners are super cool, and you can create jewelry or art pieces for anywhere from $20-50! Please, tell them Door County Mom sent you! It will probably take a good chunk of time to create your masterpieces, so only stop here if you know you have time in your evening. (Otherwise come back the next day!) If you have time and want to get your swiggles out, stop for a quick round of golf at the Red Putter! Want to get your Francophile on? Stop at the Island Lavender Company — you can’t miss it! There is a beautiful field of lavender in front of the shop. (You’ll see the lavender in the summer time only.)

Stop for a Moment and Breathe

For goodness sake, no matter what you do today, do not let the day end without catching the sunset. Do not miss this. Relax. Bring a blanket. Chill. And just take it all in. You are still not done with your day. You hopefully have a nice bottle of wine to finish up. Maybe you’re even enjoying it while you watch the sun go down.

Sunset in Sister Bay Wisconsin

Saturday – Things to Do

Kayak or Paddle Board

There’s nothing like getting out on the water. There are several places to rent kayaks and paddle boards and I’ve tried just about all of them! If you feel comfortable, you can rent the kayaks and have them taken to the water you want to adventure onto. If you feel not so confident or you would like to try a more adventurous experience, then go on a tour with a guide. Tours tend to make sure the group stays safe and you get to have fun and learn about the area along the way! I’ve done both options, and you and your group just have to know your comfort level. Water activities are a ton of fun, but you also have to use caution, especially in the larger waters such as Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Smaller lakes like Europe Lake or Clark Lake, or even streams like Mink River Estuary or Logan Creek are much less risky and can be easier to navigate through without a guide. It’s up to you! Your local kayak company will most likely recommend what’s best and won’t ever let you on the water if the conditions are not safe.

Kayak tours or rentals are available with Cave Point Paddle and Pedal and Door County Kayak Tours.

Take the Ferry to Washington Island

There are many things to see and do on Washington Island. Rent bikes or mopeds at Annies Rentals. Go see the lavender farms! Read all about Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm during the summer months or if you travel in August you can see the lavender distillation process. Stop in Fair Isle Books and then relax at Red Cup Coffee Shop! Don’t forget to tell them all Door County Mom sent you! 🙂

Shop Till You Drop!

There are dozens of shops in each of the towns that it would be impossible for me to list them all right here. Sister Bay has many of my favorite shops and then you could stop for lunch at my very favorite spot, Door County Creamery. Fish Creek has shop after shop … Uggs, Pillows, Coffee Cups Art Prints, Soaps and so much more! Egg Harbor also has insteresting little store.

Markets and Orchards

You can also stop along the highway as well at many of the orchard and markets. Not only will you find delicious pies, jams and more, but you’ll leave with bags of fun products to make when you get home! One of my favorite places to stop along 42 is White Cottage Red Door in Fish Creek. They have a beautiful selection of products to graze on in the store (cherry donuts, oh my!) but you can meet the friendly barstaff (Irish Setters) and sample some wines and hard ciders!

Seaquist Orchards is another great spot to enjoy a few tastings. Wonder over behind the store and try out the rope maze in the woods! I can pretty much guarantee you won’t get to the middle! In the fall, Seaquist has a huge assortment of apples. It’s not to be missed.

Wine Tasting & Trolley Rides

One of the best ways to sample multiple Door County Wines is to take a trolley tour. You have a built in designated driver and will never have to worry about a thing. Your friendly trolley driver will entertain you with music and stories about the area, having you laughing and cojoling the whole trip. You can even buy a bottle of wine and drink it on the trolley as you travel from one winery to the next! You must check their website for all sorts of fun ways to explore the Door.

Satuday Night Dinner

There are several places to enjoy a wonderful dining experience on your Door County Girls Weekend. Wickman House (need reservations!) Get dressed up and be prepared to be wowed in multiple ways. I recommend the Mojitos. You’ll think you’re in Havanna! Or try Wild Tomato Pizza (now located in Sister Bay, Fish Creek and Egg Harbor!). Pizza might sound boring but Wild Tomato is anything but! Roots Inn and Kitchen is fabulous! Chop for great steaks! Best Burger on the peninsula? Gibralter Grill. Laid back bbq? Casey’s BBQ in Egg Harbor.

Fish Boil

Have you tried a Door County Fish Boil? There’s nothing quite like it. The show is half the fun, but the tender buttery whitefish always steals the show. You can try the Post Office in Ephraim. There are a few others along the peninsula as well. You wont find a bad one, so I would suggest to head over to a fish boil closest to you.

Door County Ice Cream Factory

You will most likely want to end the evening with something a bit sweet. There is nothing like a local, ho-made ice cream to end the night with. If you’re visiting in the summer, this shop is the place to go. Sample such flavors as Deaths Door Chocolate, Cana Island Fudge or Door County Cherry. Rich, creamy, flavorful and sweet. You’re welcome. 🙂

Sunday – Things to Do

This might be the day you check out a few delicious places to start your morning.

Cloud Nine

Sister Bay’s wonderful healthy breakfast option!

Carrol’s Waffle House

Desert for breakfast? Well, it certainly appears so when you get a mound of fruit atop your waffles along with a servingof whipped cream! There will be enough carbs and sugar to keep you going all day long! (Sister Bay)

Chop – Early Bird Special

Last night’s mashed potatoes repurposed into a morning cake? No, they don’t use left over mashed to make these, but oh boy, this is the perfect way to indulge in a light feast. Beautiful restaurant with hearty morning nourishment. YUM! (Sister Bay)

Goats & Swedish Pancakes

Al Johnson’s… need I say more? (Sister Bay)

Good Eggs

If the weather is great, head on over to Good Eggs. They serve up the most delish breakfast wraps in the speediest manner. Sit under their surf hut and enjoy life. (Ephraim)

Chef’s Hat

Ready for an upscale American breakfast with resonable prices? You will LOVE this place! (Ephraim)

Peninsula State Park

Spend the rest of the morning hiking this park. There are several trails to check out. Biking this park is also an option with two wonderful places to rent bikes by the hour or half day. I write a bit about it here (scroll to Day 1 in the article).

You can stop at Nor Door across the street from the southern entrance to the park. Or… rent a bike from Edge of Park (they are right in the southern entrance to the park).

Fred and Fuzzy’s

There is no place else I would recommend ending your Weekend in Door County with the Girls than here. The food is ok, but the view and experience will leave you feeling like you made the most of your weekend in Door County with the Gals. Try a Cherry Margarita or a Cherry Lemonade while you watch the boats go by on the water.

The Boat House

Ok there WAS one other place I like to end your weekend in Door County (an alternate to Fred & Fuzzy’s), that is, if you haven’t already stopped here for lunch on Saturday. The shrimp appetizer and the lobster sandwich are my favorites. The onion rings? Best in the land. French Fries? What diet? Enjoy the food that comes with the view. I highly recommend sitting on the patio on the second floor. If there’s nothing available, it will be worth the wait.

Head Home — Refreshed!

I pretty much can testify the ride home will be much quieter than the ride up. You have just packed a lot of fun into a short amount of time, all well-worth it. If you tried any of my suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 Safe travels back home!