Not far from where we live is Hedge Hog Harbor located in Gills Rock, Wisconsin. Hedge Hog Harbor has the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen in Door County, and usually, no two are ever alike. To the south, you will see Door County Bluff lands with colors of blue, purple and pink. To the northwest, only infinite water and colors of pink, red and gold.

There is not a beach here, at least not the kind where you might spend the day lolling around on a towel reading a book while your kids play in the water. Hedge Hog Harbor is just that, a fishing harbor and the marina where the Island Clipper ferry docks and sets sail to Washington Island daily.

There are a couple great little shops here — our favorite is Hedge Hog Gifts, a truly cute tiny shop with a few great items for your home, a small selection of children’s books and toys and of course, the nicest resort wear around (t-shirts, sweatshirts and the like). If you stop in, be sure to say Hi to Lynn and tell her Door County Mom sent you. The shops are not open at night, however, so come early if you want to shop!

The featured photo above is the rocky beach just north of the marina where your little ones could spend hours throwing rocks into the water. On the weekends there is a solo guitar singer playing for the Shoreline Resort Crowd (a handful of people). It’s really quite lovely and one of my most cherished ways to watch the sunset. It helps that I live just atop of the hill on the harbor, making this sunset a nightly backyard event for us. See why I say we are blessed?


Head over after dinner to Gill’s Rock. Stop at Charlie’s Smokehouse for some ice cream, then walk over to the Gill’s Rock playground where the kids can swing, climb or kick a soccer ball around in the large field. Closer to the sunset time, walk back to the marina. Just past the moored boats is the rocky area if your kids want to throw rocks, but there are plenty of other spots to sit and relax. Bring a bottle of wine for the adults, water & snacks for the kids, a blanket, and your camera. It can get chilly at night so have an extra blanket or sweatshirts for all. Keep a close watch on tiny ones as it’s quite easy to fall in.